USB3.2 Cable - Gen 2x2 - 1, 2 & 3M - 20Gbps - 100W Power Charging Capability

USB3.2 Cable - Gen 2x2 - 1, 2 & 3M - 20Gbps - 100W Power Charging Capability

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Pi-Cables offers high-quality build display cables and sensible prices. This USB3.2 Gen 2*2 cable type offers a great general spec for driving 4K 60Hz displays whilst being able to carry the charge current required for most laptops and tablets. With USB-C connectors in aluminium shells, this cable is backwards compatible with any USB3.1 /3.2 cable and port. It will keep pace with the latest Mac with thunderbolt 3 ports, Windows based computers and laptops as well as all USB-C based tablets.

Not sure about USB3.2 spec and compatibilty? Click here  for more info on all USB-C based cables and their relative capabilities.

The USB3.2 Gen 2*2 is probably the best value high speed display cable that incoroprates charging current carrying capability for most tablets, laptops etc. This is the cable for your everyday professional IT set up at the most realistic pricing

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  • Specification

    USB3.2 Gen 2*2, 20Gbps display speed, 100W charging current capability.

  • Mechanical

    Aluminium connector shells, with srong strain relief. Nylon braiding over cable for more strength and wear capability.