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Omni-X - Xcelerate 4G/LTE Router for EU

Omni-X - Xcelerate 4G/LTE Router for EU

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The Omni-X Xcelerate 4G/LTE is cellular router for broadband access and also an M2M device. Running on the 4G cellular network the Xcelerate 4G provides reliable, high speed wireless connectivity. The Xcelerate 4G can be used successfully as a standard broadband router for general internet connectivity or as an industrial spec router for machine to machine data routing - all in a small robust metal package. The router has one LAN port and one configurable LAN/WAN port. Operating from 7.5V to 32VDC The Xcelerate 4G is a very versatile small 4G router.

This version of Xcelerate 4G does not have Wifi included

If you want to use it as just a means of connecting to the internet and feed into a Wifi network or connect to a Wifi AP the Xcelerate 4G is a neat and low cost way of doing it. The speeds are plenty fast enough for normal desk internet use.

Alternatively the Xcelerate 4G can be used as a switch between LAN and cellular methods fo connecting to the internet. Used as a dedicated unit feeding another with internet (such as a K4B kiosk), the Xcelerate 4G can sense when the wired LAN fails and immediately switches over to Cellular 4G to continue providing internet. It is near instantaneous and the user will not be aware of any switch one way or the other.

This WAN to 4G failover software can be programmed in several different modes depending how you wnat to use it. (See user manual).

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