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TM-2657P Disposable Arm & Hand Sleeves

TM-2657P Disposable Arm & Hand Sleeves

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A&D Medical protective over arm and hand covers are specifically for use with the TM-2657P waiting room BP monitors. They demonstrate to your patients that when they use your waiting room blood pressure monitor you take their safety and hygiene concerns seriously.

Manufactured from thin polyethylene and cover the upper arm to include the hand.  It prevents the patient’s arm coming in to direct contact with cuff cloth of the monitor. These single patient arm and hand covers are simple and comfortable to use.

The disposable arm covers are large enough to accommodate most size arms up to 44cm diameter.  Sold in batches of 200, each batch has a convenient attachment string enabling the covers to be hung near the waiting room monitor.

They are designed for single patient use.  Pull one over sleeve off bundle and insert arm fully in to the cover, take a blood pressure measurement, remove the cover and dispose of.

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